Balido & Associate’s subject matter experts bring forward years of real-world experience gathered over the teams federal, military, law enforcement and industry experience to address the needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide expert solutions for our clients to mitigate risk, enhance security, ensure continuity of operations and to better prepare for future threats. We offer a diverse offering of courses that may be customized to fit the need of our clients.

Basic Coxswain Course for Law Enforcement & Military (BCC)

It is the purpose of this course to establish basic understanding of maritime operations and provide the skills necessary to execute missions safely. The BCC is fundamental to the long‐term effectiveness, personal safety and the professional development of marine law enforcement and military operators.

Tactical Coxswain Course (TCC)

The course provides advanced-level Coxswain training to achieve the elements of skill and knowledge necessary for safe and effective performance. This is designated as a high-risk training course. full completion of this course will require the student to have studied and demonstrated proficiency.  in tasks necessary to comply with qualification and certification requirements.

Armed Ship Boarding Course (ASBC)

This course will challenge students in conducting several underway “HIV-Low-Freeboard” tactical boarding operations. Students conduct “High-Freeboard” boarding operations on several static boat platforms and conduct several High-Freeboard “Hook and Climb Insertion” techniques on a freighter. This is a physically demanding course.

Maritime Close Quarters Battle (MCQB)

MCQB will advance the student through the intricacies of close quarters battle onboard a vessel. Because of the nature of vessels that include tight quarters, up/down ladders, ledged thresholds and a moving environment, this course focuses on providing students with proven techniques and real-world solutions.

Riverine Operations Course (ROC)

The ROC will expose the student to the unique environment of riverine vessel operations. Subjects covered include: Vessel Positioning, Crew Roles and Movement, Threat Contact, Evasive Maneuvering and Land Based Team Delivery and Recovery.

Maritime Marksmanship Course (MMC)

MMC will challenge the student in the art of marksmanship while on a moving vessel. Subjects covered include firearms and optics selection, The Theory of Lag and methods of proper body positioning within the confines of a vessel.

High Value Asset (HVA) Escort and Protection Course (HVEAPC)

The overall goal of this training program is to provide students with the skills required to effectively function as members of Security Zone Protection Unit in the maritime environment. At the completion of this course, will have a basic understanding of the responsibilities of a security zone protection unit to include various boat tactics.

High Interest Vessel (HIV) Boarding Course (HIVC)

The HIV Course will cover the approach, boarding and execution of an HIV Boarding. HIV Boardings, while announced and typically unconfrontational, pose several threats to the maritime enforcement officer or operator. This course will provide the student with a detailed course of action for conducting a safe and successful HIV Boarding.

Marine Electronics Course – Radar, Plotter and Comms (MEC)

The Marine Electronics Course is highly customizable in order that the client may receive equipment specific training.

Maritime Transportation & Security Act (MTSA), International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS), Company Security Officer (CSO), Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

This course focuses on giving the student a comprehensive understanding of the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code and the Maritime Transportation and Safety Act (MTSA) as they pertain to the security officers both onboard the vessel and onshore through company designations at the port facility. Each role and their requirements will be reviewed for a complete understanding of the responsibilities and unique security considerations of each level. This course will assist our client in developing and implementing their security plans.

Visit, Board, Search & Seizure (VBSS) Course

Our course objective is to provide operators with the requisite training for tactically interdicting and boarding surface vessels and/or maritime facilities in hostile, high-risk, non-permissive environments. The addition of self-aid/buddy-aid adds another layer to this well-established course.

Airboat Operations Course (AOC)

The Airboat Operators Course offers law enforcement, emergency responders and the military with proficient Airboat skills so that the student can become more effective with the specialized skills necessary to operate Airboats in the maritime environment. Subjects covered include basic nomenclature, safe Airboat operations, mitigating hazards and Airboat hull dynamics.

Jet Boat Operations Course (JBOC)

The Jet Boat Operators Course offers law enforcement, emergency responders and the military with proficient Jet Boat skills so that the student can become more effective with the specialized skills necessary to operate Jet Boats in the maritime environment.

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